Because mind and body are connected

Calm Health offers evidence-based mental health programs and tools focused on anxiety and depression that are designed to support payers, plan sponsors, and providers.

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Easily screen your populations for anxiety and depression

In a historic move acknowledging the nation's mental health crisis, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued draft recommendations that adults under 65 be screened for anxiety.

Our dynamic assessment allows members to self-screen for anxiety and depression using validated GAD-7 and PHQ-9 question sets, with consumer-friendly results and recommended paths forward.

Improve Mental Health

Improve mental and physical health outcomes by providing access to enjoyable, evidence-based mental health content

Our mental health programs are written by licensed clinicians and narrated by the voices of Calm.

The programs adhere to the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Direct members to the right level of care

Our assessments may recommend Calm Health programs and/or refer your members to your provider network, specialty care, or other solutions based on acuity levels and pre-existing conditions.

Calm Health Solutions

Enhance care plan adherence

Target concerns and encourage members to set goals and easily share information with providers. Make it easier for members to stay on track.

Leverage active and passive monitoring for proactive outreach and engagement

Our ability to capture user data from active sources like user check-ins and passive data capture from device integration allows us to proactively identify mental health concerns and suggest relevant options for care.

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Drive engagement with our easy-to-use platform

Connect the care team to family caregivers

Connect professional clinical teams with members, families, and non-sponsored users to reduce communication gaps.

Leverage Calm’s best-in-class engagement

Achieving 30% signup rates and an 80% engagement rate with Calm Business, Calm has proven successful in driving mental health awareness and engagement in a destigmatizing way using high-quality content.

Easy and seamless integration

Our solutions are designed for integration with standard systems (eligibility, SSO) and provider directories and allow for data exchange capabilities.

Private and secure

Calm Health solutions are built to comply with HITRUST and HIPAA privacy and security standards.