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6 ways to be kind to yourself during your weight loss journey

by Vivian Nunez

Trusting the process is hard — here are some words of encouragement along the way.

There are different kinds of milestones on your weight loss journey. There’s the first time you notice your body change or your habits shift. There’s the first time someone you love notices how you’re changing.

We’re proposing an additional milestone — the first time you need to practice self-kindness and gentle encouragement while on your weight loss path. Since the moment arrives on everyone’s doorstep when they’re picking up new habits, we want you to be as prepared as possible with these weight loss journey quotes and reminders.

On a tough day, you may instinctively spiral into negative self-talk. It’s not something to punish yourself for. Instead of feeling horrible about how loud the negative self-talk is, how about you use these reminders to amp up the volume on some gentle, realistic, and positive encouragement?

Gentle reminder: One bad day doesn’t change how far you’ve come.

It also doesn’t dictate how far you will go! Any big life changes come with a learning curve and realistic ups and downs. A bad day doesn’t mean you’re failing; it most likely means you’re persevering and sticking to your path even when it’s tough.

Gentle reminder: Every day that passes, you’re becoming more of an expert on your personal weight loss journey.

Everyone starts their journey as a beginner in what works or doesn’t work for them. The longer you stick it out, the more information you collect about yourself.

Gentle reminder: Your body is talking and you are allowed to listen.

Speaking of collecting information, your biggest source of knowledge is your own body. No, we don’t just mean the number reflected on the scale. We mean the cues it sends you when you wear a piece of clothing that fits more comfortably, or how you feel after trying a new, healthy recipe supporting your weight loss goals. Listening closely to your body’s signals can help you figure out your best next steps.

Gentle reminder: You’re doing this for yourself!

There’s no such thing as reminding yourself too much about why you decided to lose weight in the first place. You matter, and undertaking the good and tough days is a reminder of how committed you are to yourself and your physical health.

Gentle reminder: You are prioritizing your health and we don’t just mean your physical health.

How you feel in your body will impact your mental health and vice versa. We know that some days are more mentally demanding than physically demanding. Remind yourself that in the long run, your weight loss journey will bring you more than just another clothing size — it will bring you more peace of mind.

Gentle reminder: Small changes add up, even on the days when it doesn’t feel like they do.

Every micro decision you make moves the needle in the direction you wish for. On the days when you feel like you’ve plateaued, you are still moving towards your goals. Don’t be afraid to stand in the mirror and remind yourself of this as often as you need to!

A weight loss journey is emotionally and physically demanding but also full of new kinds of joy, pleasure, and confidence. These weight loss journey quotes can be small milestones that keep your mindset in the right space.

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