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8 Ideas to support your mental health in college

by Vivian Nunez

Learn some healthy coping techniques to get you through.

Go you! You are being proactive and trying to learn how to take care of your mental health as a student.

Managing everyday stresses can take a toll on all of us. Figuring out stress management tips for college students is just one tool in your mental health toolkit that can make a big difference.

So, whether you’re struggling and trying to get back to yourself or just looking to help prevent any future mental health dips, here are a few self care strategies you can turn to.

Move your body

Moving your body can mean interval training, football practice, or walking around campus. The goal isn’t to break any competitive records. It’s to show your body some love so that the ripple effects of good feelings impact your mental health for the better, too.

Find out who your college counselor is

Knowing where to go for help before you need help is a good way to feel supported. Make a note on your phone of who your counselor is, where their office is on campus, and their email.

Eat regular meals

Since the Merriam-Webster dictionary acknowledges “hangry” as a real word, so do we. It’s easy to feel more overwhelmed or stressed whenever you’re also physically hungry. Eat regular meals or keep snacks in your backpack for longer lectures as one way to support your mental health.

Drink water

Similar to eating regular meals, keeping hydrated can have a positive impact on your mental health. This is the time for your emotional support water bottle to shine!

Keep up with some of the hobbies you’ve always loved

There’s a lot of newness in college, whether you’re a freshman or a senior. Staying close to one or two hobbies or passions that remind you who you are is a good way to anchor yourself and your mental health.

Have fun with your friends

While college is about learning, don’t forget to have fun. Making time to have fun new experiences with your friends can help relieve stress and get you in a great mood — all things that help support your overall mental health.

Check in with yourself

Self-care can be a small daily act of kindness like asking yourself, “How am I doing?” or “Do I need support?” Practicing checking in with yourself is a muscle you strengthen with repetition.

Turn to support resources

Remember, supporting your mental health in college does not mean you must do it alone. You can turn to apps like Calm or Calm Health to offer everything from guided resources to guided meditations.

No matter where your mental health is right now, you’re doing something great by learning more ways to support yourself.

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